Three Tips for Tomorrow's Walk+Bike to School Day

3 kids and dad on bike. photo by Greg Raisman

Tomorrow is International Walk+Bike to School Day! A record 228 schools in Oregon have signed up to encourage more students and families than ever to try walking and biking to school. Here are three tips to ensure a successful event.

1. Take photos and/or video of students and families walking and biking. Want to share highlights with schools around the state? Email photos and video links to Margaux at

2. Count the number of students, parents, and teachers who participate. Don't worry about getting an exact head count. A few volunteers can help you estimate the number of kids and families arriving at the school or entering classrooms.

3. Complete our short evaluation survey right away. Your feedback is key to help the BTA and our partners improve the program, incentives, and resources for coordinators.

Click here to take the survey:

Bonus raffle: Five survey respondents will win their choice of a Nutcase helmet, 100 pairs of shoelaces, or 200 Walk + Bike stickers. Complete the survey by Wednesday, October 12 for your chance to win.

All the best!

-The Walk+Bike Team