International Walk + Bike to School Day
First Wednesday in October every year

A one-day, international encouragement event that celebrates making active trips to school. Held on the first Wednesday in October, Walk + Bike to School Day encourages students around the world to walk, bike, scoot or skate to school. Walk + Bike curriculum and incentives can be purchased through the BTA store.

Walk + Bike Challenge Month!
The Month of May
Oregon, USA (Maybe your state, city or school too?)

This month long event challenges K-8 students to make as many active trips to school in May as they can. Along the way they can earn prizes and the knowledge that they are doing something good for themselves, their communities and the planet. May is also National Bike Month and this event can be as grand or as simple as the school coordinator wants it to be.
***Update: Walk + Bike Challenge Month! 2010 will also include high school and university students. The same technology used for the wildly popular Bike Commute Challenge will be used to encourage walking and biking among this more advanced group of campus commuters.