Oregon Walk and Bike News

‘Leadership and commitment’ at Walk+Bike annual meeting

In April, the Walk+Bike Network convened in Salem for our annual meeting. We believe that all students deserve to walk and bike to school safely. Our events, meetings, trainings, and summer camps all work towards making that a reality in Oregon. This year, we identified two goals.


1. Go where the teachers are. Identify events and networks where members of our Walk+Bike network can be present, raise awareness about Safe Routes to School, and identify shared goals. We can’t expect more educators, teachers unions, and school boards to join our movement if we don’t proactively join and support the efforts they’re engaged in.

2. Develop Oregon Safe Routes to School resources. Develop further resources to both spread awareness of Safe Routes to School and give new schools and communities better tools for getting started. Create an Oregon SR2S Powerpoint presentation that individuals can customize for use in their specific communities, make use of community pages on oregonsaferoutes.org, conduct a webinar on what it means to be an advocate for Safe Routes to School, and lead a discussion on building sustainability within local SR2S programs.

These goals will now be taken up by the Steering Committee to determine the next steps. If you are interested in helping move forward either (or both!) of these goals, contact LeeAnne at leeanne@btaoregon.org.

"Thank you for your leadership and commitment," said Gigi Sims, Corvallis Safe Routes to School Coordinator and a strong member of the Network.

And thank you, Gigi! This group is full of energy and passion. We are doing great things, and we will do more great things. Join us.

DIY: Health and Safety Fairs!


It's the season of Health and Safety Fairs in Oregon! Workplaces and communities from Portland to Burns are encouraging employees and citizens to be safe and healthy! Here are a few tips for setting up a family-friendly biking informational table.

  • Portland Resource: The Trauma Nurses Talk Tough is a group in Portland that may be able to help you find discounted helmets. You can contact them at 503-413-4960.
  • Check out the OHSU Safety Store (click on “Safety Supplies”) to find lots of great, low-cost safety products for your home, including child bicycle helmets, starting at just $8. Call or email to place your order today at 503-418-5666 or safety@ohsu.edu.
  • Check out the BTA's blog series about our Bike Safety Curriculum! Read through some of the lessons to become your workplace's new resident expert!
  • Here is a 20-minute video that we show in our bike safety classes. If you have AV capabilities, you could show this to kids.

11 BTA partners reach 11,000 kids


Guess what, Oregon? We are doing it!

Several years ago, we dreamed that every student in Oregon would get comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian education in school. At the time, that dream seemed big. Today, it is becoming a reality, one community, one teacher, one student at a time. This year, the BTA and partners taught 11,034 students to walk and bike safely using comprehensive curricula.  



Thanks to:

Shane McRhodes and team for teaching 620 students in Eugene School District.

Nicole Zwink and team for teaching 625 in Bethel School District.

Derek Garrison and team  for teaching 75 students in Gresham-Barlow School District.

Gigi Sims and team for teaching 330 students  in Corvallis School District.


Kathleen Magnuson and team for teaching 800 students  in Albany School District.

Brian Potwin and team for teaching 2500 students in Bend/La Pine School District.

Craig Button for teaching 420 students in Dallas School District.

Sarah Coffman for teaching 250 students in Wilsonville School District.

Egon DuBois and team for teaching 344 students in Ashland School District.

Sue Bloom and team for teaching 145 students in Salem School District.

Portland Bureau of Transportation for teaching 5,000 students in Portland Public, Parkrose, and David Douglas School Districts.

First, celebrate.  Yea! Great job, everyone!

Second, dream bigger.  35,000-90,000 is the number of students that we we did not reach. We left them behind. It's time to work harder. Our kids need us. You can help by learning these innovative curricula and teaching yourself.