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Increase Kids’ Concentration, Join a Movement, and Register

Reason #1 to register for the Walk+Bike Challenge:

Getting kids walking and biking to school can increase their concentration level. You, by encouraging walking and biking, are encouraging academic comprehension! Thank you for signing your school up for the Walk+Bike Challenge and giving our kids a better chance in school!


Reason #2:

You become part of the large, and growing, movement to get kids active! If you need any help with ideas or logistics of planning the Walk+Bike Challenge at your school,  you can call into monthly mutual aid calls, access more resources, join the Walk+Bike Network to learn about events and training, and  attend one of the Portland Walk+Bike Challenge Workshops in April. Come to one of the workshops to learn helpful tips on coordinating your school's event: Friday, April 12th: 10 - 11am Holgate Library; 7905 SE Holgate Blvd Tuesday, April 16th: 1 - 2pm Gregory Heights Library; 7921 NE Sandy Blvd

Fire up Your Feet for the Walk+Bike Challenge

We have great news for all the Walk+Bike Challenge coordinators and anyone else looking to sign up for the Challenge!

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance and the Oregon Walk+Bike Committee are teaming up with Fire Up Your Feet to offer additional resources for Walk+Bike Challenge participants this spring!

Parents, guardians, students, and school staff can register through Fire Up Your Feet and track the number of minutes they spend doing physical activity each day. As a bonus, schools with the highest percentage of participation (based on school enrollment) can qualify to earn additional challenge awards grants for their school!

People who register at Fire Up Your Feet will receive inspiring reminders to keep moving throughout the Walk+Bike Challenge and throughout the year. Coordinators registered at Fire Up Your Feet will also receive weekly reports on their school's participants' activity.

Q: Can I register as the coordinator for my school at fireupyourfeet.org? Will I still get the packet of incentive prizes through Walk+Bike?

A: Yes, when you register simply check the box titled "School Coordinator." The packet of Walk+Bike Challenge incentives will be shipped to the address of the school you are coordinating.

Q: Do I need to register at both websites?

A: No, you are not required to register at both. You can register at either walknbike.org, at fireupyourfeet.org, or at both if you choose to do so.

You can still register at walknbike.org and log trips weekly for your whole school the way you have in the past.

By registering at fireupyourfeet.org, your school becomes eligible for additional challenge awards, up to $1,000! The challenge awards can be used improve your school with new gym equipment, bike racks, or to create programs that get kids active.

Q: Will I be able to see my school's overall trip data from everyone who tracks minutes through Fire Up Your Feet?

A: Fire Up Your Feet will pull reports weekly from your school and send the data to the coordinator.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: You can learn more about the Walk+Bike Challenge online, and you can learn more about Fire Up Your Feet either online or in their helpful informational flyer (PDF).

Walk+Bike to School Day Was A Blast!

Thousands of kids at hundreds of schools around Oregon walked and biked to school this morning in celebration of International Walk+Bike to School Day. Check out some great photos from Portland's big event at Lewis Elementary School.

Photos by Gabe Grath/Portland Bureau of Transportation.

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