Walk + Bike Students

Make a Difference in Your School Walking and biking to school is a great way to get more active, more involved, and to help improve the environment. Get involved with a Walk + Bike program today.

  • Learn how to organize my community to be safer for your friends to get to school with a Walk and Bike School Bus — a bus where you are the engine.
  • Register for Oregon Walk and Bike to School Day
  • Ask about bringing the Walk and Bike curriculum to your school. It will get more of your fellow students walking and biking, and teach your parents and schools how to make walking and biking safer.

W+B Activities Check out these bike safety activities from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Play their Be Safe Be Seen game to help the walker to select the right gear for the road.

In the Safe Routes Bicycle Safety program, you and your classmates can learn how to get around by bike.  Learn the rules of the road and then practice on your own bikes.