The Bicycle Transportation Alliance needs your help to sustain and grow the Walk+Bike Education program and encourage more kids in Oregon to stay active, healthy, and safe. 

One of the coolest things the BTA does is to provide a 10-hour, in-school bike safety education program to thousands of Oregon students each year. The 5th graders who graduate the program know how to safely handle a bike, how to signal turns, and probably understand the rules of right of way better than 50% of the adult drivers on our roads. You can pretty much pick out the kids who have participated in our program by seeing how they ride.

Our twenty year goal is to see the program offered in every school in Oregon. Our goal this spring is to raise $3,000 to support the program for one more season in some Oregon communities that are feeling pinched.

We are inviting Walk+Bike coordinators, teachers, parents, and anyone else to join our Walk+Bike Fundraising Challenge to raise money to support our education programs. Set your own personal fundraising goal, then challenge your friends, family, and coworkers to donate to support your goal. Creativity is encouraged! 

Thank you. The BTA is grateful for your support.

Stephanie Noll, Programs Director
Bicycle Transportation Alliance

PS: Did we mention there are prizes?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Walk+Bike Fundraising Challenge?

Imagine a future where every kid in Oregon received lessons in Bike Safety Education before they graduated from elementary school. Every kid would gain the skills to be safe, confident, legal riders before they graduated from middle school. Every kid would learn to make sure their helmet fits properly and their bike pedals smoothly every time they ride.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance believes that world is possible. 

The Walk+Bike Fundraising Challenge is the Bicycle Transportation Alliance's social fundraising campaign where participants challenge their family, loved one, friends, and co-workers to donate money through the end of this school year to raise money to sustain and grow the Walk+Bike Education program and encourage more kids in Oregon to stay active, healthy, and safe. 

How do I sign up?

Register now! It’s an easy three step process:

1. Sign up to create a fundraising page

2. Upload your personal photo

3. Tell your personal bike safety story and why bicycle safety programs are so important.

Once officially registered, you will receive instant access to your customizable fundraising page with easy step-by-step campaign instructions to make this fundraising campaign easy and fun. 

Then, you’ll be all set to tell your friends and family about your goal using the online and social media tools we’ve provided. Look in your inbox for our coaching emails with tips and tricks for fundraising.

What are the prizes?

Everyone who raises $100 or more will be entered in a raffle to win prizes donated by KEEN and Columbia. 

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Megan Schubel

"I am a 4th and 5th grade teacher in the David Douglas district. My students have been the lucky recipients of the BTA's program for the last six years."

Support Megan

Stephanie Noll

"The experience of biking to school transformed my life as a teenager, so I hope you can lend $10, $30 or more to support this program that's near and dear to my heart."

Support Stephanie

LeeAnne Fergason

"60% of kids don't get exercise outside of school. That's horrible! Let's change it."

Support LeeAnne

Lois Moss

"You are the first step."

Support Lois

Pamela Treece

"I believe strongly in creating a safe and cooperative environment for all forms of transportation and recreation."

Support Pamela

Greta Sangolla

"My personal goal is to raise $300 toward the overall goal of $3,000 this season to support communities like the one I teach in, where the majority of students are living in poverty."

Support Greta


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